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Bana Paisa Bacha Dala


BACHATWALA is a revolutionary platform with more than a million local and international brands and stores offering
huge discounts on their products and services. Customers can avail discount offers through BACHATWALA's
user-friendly PIN system. Once they register, they can use their PIN number to get discounts from any merchant
registered on BACHATWALA.

Avail Flat Discounts on Your Total Shopping Bills

Unlike any other ecommerce or discount platform in Pakistan, BACHATWALA offers discounts on customer’s total shopping bill, not just on one deal or commodity. Customers simply go to the shop, buy as many products they wish, and use their BACHATWALA PIN code to get flat discount on their total bills.

Hundreds of Brands & Stores
from All Across Pakistan Unlimited Shopping!

Being the largest ‘bachat bazaar’ of Pakistan, BACHATWALA has hundreds of brands and stores from across Pakistan offering huge discounts on their products & services. Best of all – there is no restriction on the number of times you can use BACHATWALA to avail discounts.

Highest Discounts from Your
Favorite Brands in Pakistan

Any brand that registers on BACHATWALA agrees not to provide higher discounts on any other platform. Therefore, BACHATWALA customers enjoy availing the highest discount any brand is offering in Pakistan. You won’t get better discounts from the same brand anywhere else!

Avail Discounts via Website, Mobile App or Even a Simple Phone Call!

BACHATWALA is for the people to avail top of the line discounts. We understand that not everyone in Pakistan has access to emails or mobile apps . So, we make it easier than before by offering a plethora of discount availing options. You can use our website to register and get your PIN code, do the same via our mobile app or simply give us a phone call and we will give you your PIN code. Use the PIN code at any registered merchant and start availing your discount!

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